Does Your Law Firm Need High-Quality Leads & More Revenue. . . Starting Today?

Get a Steady Stream of Attorney-Vetted Cases That Perfectly Match Your Specialty

Without a steady flow of high-quality leads, the stress of running a law firm begins to outweigh the benefits.

Why “Attorney-Vetted” Leads?

Imagine getting an email from an old colleague. She has a great case on her hands with a “strong likelihood of a large settlement” . . . but she doesn’t have time to take it on.

Now imagine getting that email every morning. Or however often you’d like.

That’s how lead generation should work. Every lead you buy should come from an experienced attorney who knows what it takes to land the lead . . . and win the case.

And that’s why there’s LeadHustle.

Get Hot Leads On-Demand

LeadHustle is a group of marketers, technologists, and attorneys who are uniquely positioned to support your practice with all the leads you need, when you need them.

High-Converting Leads Delivered Fast

You get fresh, high-intent leads delivered via phone, email, or text. Our rapid-response system ensures you’re the first firm they talk to . . . and also the last!

Attorney-Vetted Cases in Your Pipeline

Our attorneys guarantee you’ll get viable leads that are ready to sign on the dotted line. Every lead we send is guaranteed to be a fit — or you get a credit for another lead.

Hyper-Targeted Leads Ready to Close

Our behind-the-scenes ad strategies sort out the exact leads that you want — from auto accidents to estate planning. The secret is tight ad-targeting for precise results.

Boost Your Lead Flow Starting Today

By Attorneys. For Attorneys.

Hi, I’m Chris Lyle, Esq.

My law firm was sick of marketing agencies who promised the world and gave us low-quality leads.

So we perfected our own in-house ad strategy, and it brought in more leads than we could handle.

Now, I serve other attorneys with hand-picked leads that match their firm’s specialty . . . leads that actually convert.

I look forward to learning more about your practice — and helping take it to the next level.

Proven Results

Our Process For Powerful Leads

Here’s how we bring you consistent top-quality leads:

Proven Digital Advertising Tactics

We place niche-specific ads on popular social platforms, SEO blogs, and Google. These ads are how we get “high-intent” leads for our clients . . . and why you’ll get higher conversions on the phone.

Rapid-Response AI

When prospects respond to the online ads, they get an instant text message. Our responsive AI Chatbot asks them for more information to ensure they meet your criteria.

Rapid-Response AI

When prospects respond to the online ads, they get an instant text message. Our responsive AI Chatbot asks them for more information to ensure they meet your criteria.

Vetted Leads . . . Sent Straight to You

The AI system instantly calls your firm to get you on the phone with the prospect (before the competition has half a chance!) We also notify you via text or email.

You won’t need to worry about the logistics of how leads are generated. All you need to do is respond to the leads we send your way.

Targeted Leads for All Specialities

Everything You Need for a Thriving Practice

Free AI Chatbot for Your Website
Valued at $250/mo.
All of our lead-gen clients get a complimentary website Chatbot. Your AI Chatbot will help you convert more visitors into clients — and it automatically adds your new leads to the LeadHustle dashboard.
Free Reputation Management System
Valued at $500/mo.

Improving your Google reviews is simple with our Reputation Management System. It allows you to easily request reviews on Google and Facebook while monitoring and responding to reviews . . . all in one place with notifications and reminders.

Why Work With LeadHustle?

Yes, We 100% Guarantee Our Leads

All our leads are attorney-vetted and guaranteed to be fundamentally sound. With LeadHustle, you can rest assured you’re getting quality leads and higher ROI than you’ve ever had before.

Where’s Your Next Big Case Coming From?

Don’t let the competition steal away the best leads. And don’t tolerate another day of garbage leads for a marketing agency! LeadHustle will bring you high-value leads the easy way, so you can rediscover your love of lawyering . . . and grow your revenue like wildfire.